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Location: Phong Nha Riverhouse
Tel: 0123 284 5556
Number of rooms: 05 rooms
Facilities and services: There is a private restaurant serving the food of the people, delicious food ... Motorbike rental service.
Location: Easy Tiger
Phone: 0232 3677 844/0982 584 699
Email: @Easy TigerHostel
Number of rooms: 13 rooms
Room Rates:
160,000 VND (8 USD) / night for dormitory room.
Star: 1 star
Location: Thien Phu
Phone: 0962 660 515 - 0963 660 515
Number of rooms: 08 rooms
Location: Gecko Hostel
Tel: 0232 3677 168
Email: @phongnhageckohostel
Facebook: Phong Nha Gecko Hostel
Number of rooms: 26 rooms


1. Heritage by Night Hotel
Number of rooms: 24 rooms
Room price: 170,000 VND / person / night (including breakfast)
Amenities and services: swimming pool, music bar; laundry; book tour.
2. Sai Gon Hotel Phong Nha
Number of rooms: 15 rooms.
Room rates: Room rates are for single, double and triple rooms of 880,000 VND (~ 40USD), suit of 1,320,000 VND (~ 60USD) inclusive of breakfast.
Room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, room service, laundry service /
3. Thien Thanh Hotel
Number of rooms: 20 rooms
Facilities and services: Guests can dine at the on-site restaurant. Free private parking is available. The hotel offers bicycle rentals and the area is famous for hiking.
4. Thao Nguyen Hotel
Number of rooms: 12 rooms
Amenities and services: Provided Free Wi-fi all rooms, 24-hour reception, room service; Karaoke is designed to give you relaxation.
5. Phong Nha Lake House Resort

Number of rooms: 12 rooms
Room Rates: The Lake House room system costs $ 200,000 (~ $ 10) for dorm rooms up to $ 900,000 (~ $ 42) for a double luxury room or $ 1,400,000 ($ 65) for a suit room. . All rooms are air-conditioned, free wifi and breakfast
Facilities and services: Not only is the luxury resort, Lakehouse also offers many in-room dining, swimming pool; using a motorbike or having to walk a short distance to other restaurants / attractions in the area.
6. Thanh Tam Hotel
Number of rooms: 12 rooms
Facilities and services: dining at the hotel; fishing enjoy feeling relaxed in Song Son poetic; free parking ...


1. Sacombank
   - Address: Ha Loi Village - Son Trach - Bo Trach - Quang Binh
   - Location of ATM: At Phong Nha - Ke Bang Tourist Center
1. Foreign Trade Bank (Vietcombank)
   Quang Binh VCB Headquarter
   ATM VCB Sai Gon Quang Binh Hotel
   ATM VCB TK3 Bac Nghia Ward
   ATM VCB Dong Hoi Transaction Office
   ATM VCB American Landscape Sunspa Resort
   ATM VCB University Quang Binh
   ATM VCB 03 Ly Thuong Kiet
2. Bank for Investment and Development (Bidv)
   Head office of Bidv Investment and Development Bank (Quang Binh)
   Dong Hoi Transaction Office
   Nguyen Trai Transaction Office
   Bac Ly Transaction Office
3. The Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank)
  The Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) in Quang Binh
  Quang Trung Branch
  Ly Thai To branch
  Ly Thuong Kiet Branch
  Tran Hung Dao branch
  Cho Gao transaction office
4. Sacombank
  Sacombank headquarters in Quang Binh
  Dong Hoi Transaction Office
  Bac Ly Transaction Office
  Dong Son Transaction Office
 5. Industrial and Commercial Bank (VietinBank)
  Headquarter of Industrial and Commercial Bank (VietinBank) Quang Binh
  Dong Hoi Transaction Office
  PGD ​​Market
  Hai Dinh Transaction Office
 6. Non-State Bank (VPBank)
  Non-State Bank Headquarter (VPBank)
  Dong Hoi Transaction Office
  Quang Binh Branch
7. DongA Bank



1. Son Trach Commune Police
Tel: 0232 3877 167 - 0947 540 485 (Anh Lich - Head of Commune Police)
2. Phuc Trach Commune Police
Phone: 01257 867 888 (Anh Nam - Chief of Commune Police)
3. Xuan Trach Commune Police
Phone: 0919 850 580 (Anh Yen - Chief of Commune Police)
4. Police of Phu Dinh Commune
Tel: 0918 840 395 (Anh Thanh - Chief of Commune Police)
5. Police in Thuong Hoa Commune
Phone: 0164 444 2684 (Anh Quan - Chief of Commune Police)
6. Hoa Son Commune Police
Phone: 0948 156 123 (Anh Quynh - Chief of Commune Police)
7. Police in Dan Hoa commune
Tel: 0164 251 3536 (Anh Xuan - Chief of Commune Police)
8. Trong Hoa Commune Police
Tel: 0948 219 308 (Anh Bach - Chief of Commune Police)
Green Nuoc Mooc stream in Quang Binh
Green Nuoc Mooc stream in Quang Binh
Phong Nha – Ke Bang, magnificent “Kingdom of Caves”
Phong Nha – Ke Bang, magnificent “Kingdom of Caves”
Good times in Phong Nha
Good times in Phong Nha
Nuoc Mooc stream - Vang Anh flowers season
Nuoc Mooc stream - Vang Anh flowers season
Nhat Le beach
Nhat Le beach
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