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Belonged to Minh Chau (Minh Châu) communes of the Van Don (Vân Đồn) district, Ba Mun Island, one of the natural Halong Bay attractions, lies parallel to Quan Lan (Quan Lạn) Island. This island is also called as High Island Block, which is approximately 15 km from the sea shore. Covering an area of 1800 hectares with over 20 km in length, stretch from east to west, this island is narrow in width.
The Mandarin mount (also known in Vietnamese is Quýt Mountain) is the highest one here that is about 397m in height. Discovering the diversified flora and fauna on this island will bring an interesting experience to tourists.
Ba Mun Island
On the other hand, this island is the only one having primeval forests in Halong Bay, aside from other numerous rare kinds of timber, such as Lim timber (gỗ Lim), Sen Timber (gỗ Sến), Dinh Timber (gỗ Đinh), and Tau Timber (gỗ Táu). They are plants developing a huge circumference for a long time here. Even, some grow big that about 3-4 people can hug around them. Ba Mun Island is the place where a lot of rare animals like monkeys, deer, antelope, langurs, migratory birds and sea birds are being well protected.
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