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Situated in Halong Bay’s southeast, Dau Be island is estimated about 500m to the east of Hang Trai Island, about 28km away from Bai Chay Cruise Port. This island covers the area of nearly 23000 m2 with the highest peak of about 139 meters. One of the noticeable point about this island that the steep island cliffs stand like the walls helping shield the island from the waves coming from the east into the Gulf.
Dau Be Island
Being well-known for Ba Ham (Ba Hầm) Lake, Dau Be Island is famous destination among many Halong Bay attractions for a long time. In reality, Ba Ham Lake contains three main ocean basins which are linked with each other via a meandering narrow cave. Within the cave, the stalactites hanging down from the cave’s ceiling creates strange sizes and shapes. Besides, there are some species of banyans, orchids, and palm trees on the island. This island is also home to various types of birds, golden monkeys, flying squirrels, bats. There are a variety of marine species living under the blue water. So, if you want to discover something more adventurous like steep cliffs, Dau Be Island is your ideal choice among many Halong Bay attractions introduced here.
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