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At Dong Hoi: 2,450,000 VND/pax (or 110 USD)
At Phong Nha: 1,980,000 VND/pax (or 90 USD)
We will pick you up at Dong Hoi, then depart for visiting Paradise  cave. You will admire the sceneries with a mysterious beauty in the tourist Land of Quang Binh.
From Dong Hoi, Phong Nha cave is about 35 kilometers,  Paradise cave is about 70 kilometers. You will go along Ho Chi Minh Road and have chance to admire the rubber forest, pine forest along this road.
Arrive at the place, go to the cave entrance, rest and prepare special equipment for the trip discovering  Paradise Cave.
You will walk on wooden stairs for about 1 kilometer to go to the cave, you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the stalactites here, it is different from the Phong Nha cave.
Finish the tour. Follow the footsteps of our enthusiastic, experienced tour guide to continue exploring  Paradise Cave with a length of 7000 meters.
The cave is in tubular form, the highest point is 80 meters and the width is about 120 meters with glittering diamond blocks and white marble columns. You can see many species of fish, spiders and crickets. Go to Doi Cave, you will see hundreds of bats clinging to the ceiling. 200 meters from Doi Cave is the confluence of two shallow streams. Stop at the first 4,000 meters to take a rest and take photos.
Continue our journey, you can enjoy the Kayaking along the stream, this is actually the most attractive and interesting point of the journey. Inside the cave, you will see the flat ceiling of the cave which is completely natural, the closer you get to the stream, the lower the cave is, you have to bend down to pass. By crossing 100 meters along the stream, there are some places where you have to lie down the boat to avoid touching the ceiling.
Tourists continue to have the opportunity to test their courage to overcome the dangerous journey along the river.
After about 1 hour, you will go to "Gieng Troi" and hear the sound of the flowing stream. When you are only about 50 meters from the destination, a streak of beautiful light pierces from the top of the mountain to the ground. You will have the opportunity to stand in front of Gieng Troi - where 
 Paradise cave and the outside world connect to each other through a hole in the ceiling.
Tourists have the opportunity to admire the scenery with the fish swimming and an underground stream running through Gieng Troi, enjoy the lunch beside stream, then take a rest, take pictures and get back to the journey.
The car will return tourists to the departure.

Paradise Cave is ideal for nature lovers and explorers. Come and join us for an adventurous journey to enjoy the mystical beauty of stalactites and stalagmites created and raised inside the cave, rowing along the underground rivers as well as wading through the caves. Coolest stream to come to a natural wonder 7km into Paradise Cave with a 1 day tour.
- Pick tourists up at Dong Hoi.
- Professional  Vietnamese and English tour guide and porter.
- Rescuers and tour operators in Paradise Cave.
- 01 lunch inside Paradise Cave.
- Tickets to visit Paradise  Cave.
- Electric car ticket to visit Paradise Cave.
Expedition equipment:
- Protective clothes.
- Safety vest for each passenger
- Flashlight
- Protective helmet
- Kayak & paddle
01 Lavie water: 02 bottles / 01 person / 01 day.
Cold towels: 02 pieces / 01 person / 01 day.

Travel insurance, maximum compensation: 20 million VND / 01 customer / 01 case.
Price does not include:
- VAT invoices
- Personal expenses, expenses for meals outside the tour

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