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In regard to Halong Bay attractions, Bo Hon Island is absolutely worth visiting, which has not only wonderful landscapes but also one of the biggest island chains with a number of Halong Bay famous caves, such as Luon Cave (Hang Luồn), Sung Sot cave (Hang Sửng Sốt), Trong Cave (Hang Trống), Tien Cave (Hang Tiên) Trinh Nu Cave (Hang Trinh Nữ). Those caves are well-known places for travelers whenever they want to discover Halong Bay. In addition to magnificent cave system, Bo Hon Island also impresses you by its series of steep cliffs, high peaks, and consecutive mountains. These features intertwine together and fit perfectly into the horizon. That is why you will feel like they are ideally crafted by the skillful craftsmen when witnessing them.
Bo Hon Island
Really, Bo Hon (Bồ Hòn) Island is the home of a variety of flora and fauna along with wild animals. This island is the home of many plant species, including Orchid, Banyan Tree, etc. The animals reside here are deer, antelope, monkeys… despite the number of wild animals nowadays is diminishing, this island is still the sanctuary for animals to live in. On the other hand, Bo Hon Island is also well-known for its hidden cave system with each one bearing a nice magic of its own, and is well connected with touching legends.
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