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Son Doong Cave Expedition 4D3N

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• Duration: 4 days / 3 nights (2 more nights at the hotel)
• Level of risk: Difficult (30 km +) and only for qualified guests
• Number of tours: Departure weekly
• Number of guests: maximum 10 persons / trip
• Mininum Age : 18 years
• Price: 68,700,000 VND or $ 3000 / person (Included $ 660 in entrance fee)
Son Doong Cave Expedition  4D3N - More than 25 support staff, security experts and guides will take you deep into the jungle, starting the journey to conquer the Son Doong Cave. You will have the opportunity to fully explore Son Doong Hang, En cave and visit villages of ethnic minorities - Son Doong village.
En cave is the third largest in the world after Son Doong and Deer Cave in Malaysia. There is a total length of 1.6 kilometers including 3 gates. In the heart of the cave is a stream leads to Son Doong. From En cave, visitors go about 2 kilometers more to get to Son Doong cave.
The interesting thing about En Cave that Phong Nha and Thien Duong do not have is the blue color of the river, the light shining from the lightskys at the ceiling of the cave as the scene more shimmering, fanciful. On the ceiling, in stone niches, stalactites form the tens of thousands of swallows and bats, so it is called En cave. This is a journey for the adventurous to help you have a more realistic experience. On the way from Rao Thuong stream to En cave, you will go through Son Doong village, a small Van Kieu village located deep in the core of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. You will stop here, you can rest and find out about their life.

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    Tour includes:
    • Camping equipment: tents, rugs, pillows and sleeping bags
    • Protective gear for caving: helmets, headlamps, safety belts and gloves
    • Meals: breakfast (day 1, 2, 3, 4, last day), lunch (day 1, 2, 3, 4), dinner (day of introduction, day 1, 2, 3, 4)
    • A 1.5 liter water bottle (from the starting point)
    • 1 British cave security expert (member of the Royal Caves Association of England)
    • 1 professional instructor, 5 safety assistant and 2 chefs.
    • The team supports the transport of cave exploration equipment and prepares all meals and tents
    • Water Filter and Water Pump (Base Camp) (used by tour guides and service teams)
    • Simple campsite facilities with an environmentally friendly toilet using a toilet seat
    • First aid kit, medical first aid kit and satellite phone (used by Safety Specialist and Guide)
    Notes when taking a tour of the adventure
    • 2-3 trousers and 4-5 T-shirts or shirts made of lightweight material and easy to dry for walking. If you choose leggings / jogging pants / yoga pants, please choose pants and discreet. Jeans are not accepted in the tour. You can prepare a set of clothes every day, but most people wear trekking clothes for several days.
    • 1-2 shorts and a T-shirt to wear at the campsite (you can bring a swimsuit to bathe at Hang En). You should also bring warm clothing in the cold months.
    • A warm sweater and a light wind jacket (from February to April)
    • Good quality climbing shoes for rugged terrain. Five-Ten Canyoneer 3 shoes or Salomon XA Enduro shoes are the shoes we recommend. DO NOT wear waterproof shoes because of poor drainage. You should bring a spare pair of shoes. 
    • Underwear
    • A pair of flip-flops / sandals used at the campsite
    • 1 medium size bath towel
    • 4-5 long, thick socks (no neck socks or waterproof socks)
    Anti-fungal cream / lotion for feet (your legs will stay wet during the trip)
    • Dry shampoo & wet towel (limited bathing shampoo condition)
    • Backpack for personal use on the road (size 20-25L because you have to put a helmet in the backpack, not worn outside). If you carry a tripod, you must carry it yourself in your backpack. (Camel pack will not be seen as your backpacker)
    • Water tank at least 1.5 liters
    • Personal items: toiletries, personal pills, cameras, tripods, extra batteries (women should wear extra feminine toiletries, even in case of redundancy)
    • Sunscreen and hat
    • mosquito repellants, mosquito repellants
    Small starter flashlight used around the campsite
    • Rehydration tablets.
    • Foot patch tape
    • Drugs: Please bring essential drugs or medicines that you must use regularly as a sedative. We only provide medicines for first aid and emergencies
    • AA / AAA batteries if needed (batteries available in Phong Nha)

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    Phong Nha Village, Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province
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